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Business law is modernising, becoming more complex and international and, therefore, business relations require technical knowledge and tailormade solutions.

We strive to accompany our clients during all their key growth stages to provide them with legal protection.

Assistance : We help you with all your legal requirements and respond quickly to your needs.

Support : We use our knowledge of the law to support you and help you find the best solution.

Defence : We defend and represent you according to a legal strategy that is meticulously drawn up to suit each situation.

Client focus, because behind every business is a person;

Proximity, to better understand our clients’ expectations;

Creativity to find constructive solutions for our clients;

An offer of tailormade solutions to suit every situation; Availability.

Your business law firm in Lyon.

ADAS AVOCATS are active in the main fields of business law in France and internationally.

Our firm assists both corporate and private clients in providing legal advice and litigation.

Our skills and expertise are at the service of our clients, their development and the defence of their interests.

We offer all our clients personalised support in all of their legal requirements.

The professionals we employ are inspired by a drive to provide the best possible solutions in a climate of confidence.

Our skills serving your company’s growth.

Our professionals’ additional skills provide comprehensive solutions to the legal issues you encounter.

The firm is founded on the core values of our profession, primarily rigour, ethics, trust, loyalty and precision.

Our closeness to our clients and awareness of their concerns is also something that inspires our professionals every day.

Our know-how enables us to organise and restructure our clients’ companies to optimise them and provide them with the best legal protection.

   The success of your project is our main priority.   


Complementary expertise to better support your projects

A team of lawyers and legal experts with complementary specialisms, there to listen to our clients and make the quality of our services their priority every day.

ADAS Avocats : Business law firm in Lyon

   We put human and ethical values at the heart of our relations, which are based on trust, loyalty and attention to detail   


A team of lawyers and legal experts with complementary specialisms, there to listen to our clients and make the quality of our services their priority every day.

Ala ADAS - Avocat



Anissa BELKHIR - Secrétaire



Lisa BORGES - Juriste d'affaires






Anais OLIVIER - Avocat



Margot PUCHEU - Avocat



ADAS Avocats : Business law firm in Lyon


Case law clarification on some rules applicable to fixed-term contracts

The fixed-term contract (CDD) must remain an exceptional contract to meet temporary needs. It cannot be used as an instrument of

6 Oct, 2021

Health pass and vaccination obligation: practical application in companies and associations

The Government, in a regularly updated Q&A available online, provides useful details on the implementation of these new

17 Sep, 2021

The law of the 5th of August 2021: extension of the health pass and other health crisis management measures

The Constitutional Council validated, on Friday 5 August, the main part of the law relating to the management of the health crisis, with the exception of the provisions allowing the early termination...

9 Aug, 2021

Publication of the LAW n°2021-1018 of August 2, 2021 to strengthen occupational health prevention

After several months of parliamentary debate, the text was submitted to the vote of the Senate on July 20, 2021, adopted by the National Assembly on July 23, 2021 and published in the Official...

3 Aug, 2021

Insults and verbal aggression: when serious misconduct is not accepted by the judges...

Disciplinary misconduct results from a fact or a set of facts attributable to the employee which constitute a breach of his contractual

18 Jun, 2021

Reconduction of the "Macron" bonus

Introduced by law n°2018-1213 of 24 December 2018, the exceptional purchasing power bonus (known as the french acronym "PEPA" or "Macron" bonus) was renewed in 2020 and will also be renewed in

9 Jun, 2021
ADAS Avocats : Business law firm in Lyon


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ADAS Avocats : Business law firm in Lyon
ADAS Avocats : Business law firm in Lyon